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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  August 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is the top of the hour, the start of a new month. once again looking to the south and east in this shot there's some rain over there apparently. it is sharon doing traffic and it's tim williams in for marty bass at first warning weather. >> there are some showers. there's some light showers moving across some of these have been heavier earlier in morning near ocean city. it is all the result of a front trying to clear the area and low pressure just offshore that's keeping it
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in place. it's really going to be with us for the next few hours or so. these off and on showers are going to be with us for the forseeable future, into next week. our temperature around 70, 72 elkin to bwi, 73 dc, 76 on the shore, in the mountains temperatures in the 60s. showers and thunderstorms through this evening when temperatures go back down into the 70s. your complete forecast in a few moments. a prb has popped up -- problem has popped up. here is sharon gibala. >> the problem itself is on the inner loop of the beltway at the baltimore washington national parkway. it's at 295, only the right lane getting by. if you're traveling on 95, that accident that was blocking all lanes has been moved offer to
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the shoulder -- off to the shoulder. everything still running at full speed at the topside of the bellway at york road. there's a look at the south side at 295. remember wjz 13 is always on. for traffic any time log onto here's certainly what people will be talking about today. michael phelps making olympic history. the local swimmer has earned his 19th medal, making him the most decorated olympian of all time. reaction from local fans. >> it's a pff, phelps fan frenzy. people gathered to watch the race. they cheered on michael phelps who made history becoming the most decorated
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olympian ever. it happened tuesday when he won silver in the 200 meter butterfly. >> i think it's great for america, for the u.s., for baltimore and great for the sport of swimming. >> he has an imprezive medal count and an equal amount of experience. in 2008 he won 8 gold medals. so far in london he's won three medals. he now has 19 medals, more than any olympian in history. >> baltimore fans know his story. they realize his success comes from years of hard work and training that he put in here at the pool at meadow brook. >> the mental game is the biggest part of it. you have to have the will power to continue to push. >> he's doing a pretty good job. i like the swimming. >> mie chael phelps -- michael phelps medal count tops the
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previous record of 18. >> he has three events left in london. after more than three decades with the baltimore city police field today is commissioner fred bealefeld's last day. mike schuh is live outside police head quarters. >> reporter: good morning. over all praise but there were some low points. the select lounge shooting, towing and drug scandals but over all his leadership has led to a calm her city. -- calmer city. >> if we don't stand for give youing the ability to stay you stink and doing a horrible job and need to get off kwur rear end and work -- your rear end and work harder forking you can't say a -- if you can't say that i'm not a good police commissioner. >> today the commissioner hangs up his hat for good leaving behind a legacy that's included
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decrease in crime and violence. down 12% last year and registering fewer than 200 murders since 1978. just after announcing his retire. he reflected -- retirement he reflected. >> i inherited a police department that was averaging 100,000 adult arrests and we're making half that number and being more successful. that's not dependent on the weather, not signs of the zodiac or high hides at the harbor, that's a concerted conscious effort, a very deliberate leadership change in what this police department was doing before i took over. >> the mayor says bealefeld's been extremely effective and will be missed. as for the any commissioner, the current one offers his thoughts. . >> if you're going to pick a successor, find somebody that feels like they're responsible for all of it. >> reporter: the acting
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commissioner anthony barks dale is an internal candidate. the mayor set up a committee to help her make the choice. >> one thing the commission more says he'd like to do now that he's retired a hike. the department of public works is trying to get a sink hole under control before it gets worse. you can see how much the east monument sink hole has expanded. what's on the left is what it looks like right now. the sink hole is just a few blocks from john hop kin's hospital. it will be closed for weeks to come we are told. bge is answering customer's criticism about its response last month. the eye tillty claims -- the utility claims it did not such a bad job. this morning derek valcourt breaks down the just released intern al report. sglz the --
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>> the devastating storm struck and when it was over parts of maryland looked like a war zone leaving 750,000 bge customers without power, many of them grew frustrated waiting days in the heat as the overwhelmed utility company went to work. . >> they should have been here by now. >> i don't see no trucks working to repair anything. . >> all of bge's crews went to work right away, this just released report from the company to maryland's public service commission indicates bge struggled to bring in help from out of state utility workers in part because the storm struck with little warning, unlike hurricanes which are forecastdays forecast -- forecast days in advance. >> had we had the chance to bring in people we could have restored power quicker. >> it took days for the necessary out of state crews to arrive. bge's president said restoration efforts picked up once they had the support they needed. >> given the magnitude of the
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problem this per forcompares better than -- performance compares better than hurricane irene. >> a spokesman says this taught them lessons. >> you always learn what you can do better. >> maryland's public service commission will review this 58-page report and begin to hold hearings, seeking the public's opinion on bge's performance. >> to read that report and find out about the public comment period for the public service commission go to and click on our news tab. in sports the oriels hand the yankees another loss in new york city. they got off to a rough stafrt -- start last night. they gave up 5 in the first inning. chris davis coming up to the plate with the bases loaded and hits a
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grand slam, the first of his career. the game ends in an 11-5 oriels victory, they're second straight. the a's also lost. congratulations to american women's gymnast team. they are waking up gold medallists. they won the first gymnast goal since 1996. they took the lead from the start and never looked back. they left russia five points behind at the end. there was a time when we would kill for a chance to beat what was then the soviet union. >> oh, yeah. they talk about the team that they knock off in histories rank, the squad in 1996 that did it before. you say i remember 1996 when that
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happened. you start remembering the olympics from years and years ago. >> that was over a decade ago. >> yeah , you're talking to carl lewis later this morning. i remember when he won those 10 gold medals. >> wait until you see him. he doesn't look that different now than he did then, which is amazing to me. >> do you know who else doesn't look that different? >> i have a feeling it's ron matz in the window there. >> reporter: i remember jerry lewis when he won the gold medal. >> that's horrible. >> reporter: how are you guys doing this morning? >> doing fine. >> reporter: we're at the baltimore convention center. this is mike, founder of the world's largest collectible show. >> this is a 19 a 5 -- 1952 tops babe ruth card they converted in its original form to being a baltimore oriole rather than a
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yankee. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: we have some stuff to show you when we come back from the break. 45,000 people expected at the baltimore convention center over the next five days. we'll tell you all about the national when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. good day to be down at the zoo. we had sam on the program before. loudest bird you ever want to see. definitely something to go out, he's an attraction in and of himself. a good day to go down to the zoo. a little warm. there are some showers lingering pretty much from right on the edge of the bay on the western side over across and down from easton right on through ocean city, also seeing some showers. there is going to be the order of the next few days.
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widely scattered showers around. we have a pretty decent sunrise out there now with the sun breaking through the clouds temperatures just around 72 degrees. temperatures in the 60s to oakland, 74 ocean city, around the immediate metro area tep ir -- temperatures raining -- ranging. winds are calm. we're going to see a uniform shift to the south and southwest. towards dc now, that's going to be the case over the next few days as we start to see warmer air moving in. that comes with some humidity because of a front that's trying to push off the area. we're going to see a chance of widely scattered showers for the next few days. we have low pressure just off the coastline. it's kicking back some moisture, keeping the instability around the region. high pressure is trying to push in some drier conditions.
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no wash out of your plans but definitely some of us are going to see the scattered showers around. 8:17 your sunset time, temperature around 90, some sun with a couple of thunderstorms. for the next five days, 92 tomorrow, 94, 94 friday and saturday, 93 sunday, # -- 88 on monday. sharon is at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. unfortunately no improvement on the inner loop of the beltway at 295. just the right lane getting by on the inner loop. the good news is that's the only real problem we have out there. we saw video of that sink hol -- hole on east monument street. it will be blocked between wolfe and patterson parkway. orleans is your best bet for the moment. there's a look at your speeds on
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beltway. there's a look at 95. fortunate ly ly looking as it -- fortunately looking as it said. there's a look at the jfx. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. back over to you, don and tim. the high volume event coming up at the convention center, the ron ster is there. >> reporter: that's right. it starts today. did you collect baseball cards when you were a kid? >> yes, sir. >> i did too. >> reporter: me too. i wib i -- wish i would have kept a few. the national sports collectors convention today through sunday. this is the world's largest sports memorabilia and collectors show. 45,000 people expected today through sunday. mike is the founder. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> reporter: let's talk about we did the story here on
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eyewitness news, the find in ohio, the block swamp collection about 3 years ago. this is just amazing. >> it's the most amazing thing i've seen and i ran the first show in the united states in 1970. nothing like this has ever walked in the door. >> reporter: these cards are what exactly? >> car mall cards from 19 so. in that era -- from 1910. in that era it was a premium. what can we make people buy our candy over somebody else's. make a small card of sports figures, prominently baseball and usually 30 in the set. not a large set. ie ron ronically not meant for kids. i remember my uncle was 10 years old. he would hang around in front of the stores when the people opened these begged them, hang on their leg and walk them down the street until they got the premium card. >> some of the greatest players
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of all time. >> connie mac, roger horns by. on and on and on. these cards were designed to be made of people that hopefully 30 years later somebody would say let's make a hall of fame, let's put some names in that hall of fame >> reporter: these cards will be -- some of the collection will be up for auction here , right? >> yes. for the only time we have the cards here at the baltimore convention center. they've never been under the same roof expect where they slept. is that near your hometown? >> no. >> reporter: by the way, during the five days, we have auto graph sessions here at the baltimore convention center at the national. give me some of the names of the players and the people who are going to be here. not just baseball. >> well, being the largest event of its kind, we start with
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the biggest names, cal ripken junior, joe montana, mike tyson. it cost extra to not have him sing, just to sign auto grandfathers. there's been a -- auto graphs. there's been a number of requests >> reporter: you have all the oriels hall of famers. >> that's a break for us. >> reporter: first time he's been to a show. it's going to be big excitement too. i want to run back quickly. we have the four rarest cards that were just produced as promotional cards. we have a limited amount. we're going to hand them out one per day thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. we're open tonight for our sneak peak with free auto graphs. if you're one of the lucky people that come in thursday through sunday you will get one of these cards an they're serialed numbered. >> reporter: we have to wrap it up. thanks so much. ticket information, go to the website
6:22 am being doing at the baltimore convention center. don and tim, have a great day. >> thaun very -- thank you very much. >> big stuff. >> still to come on eyewitness news. >> coming up, why storms are becoming more powerful in maryland as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,
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if you think storms seem to be more powerful a new study backs up that feeling. more storms are packing more of a punch and they are increasing. >> a year and a half ago it was blizzards. two weeks ago heavy downpours. >> the mid atlantic has experienced a 55% increase in the frequency of these kind of events. between 1948 and 2011. that's -- >> that's the findings by the study from environment maryland. >> something is happening to our atmosphere. there are changes in our weather patterns. however, something is still happening outside of just that. >> the prime suspect in the study is global warming. >> water vapor is the fuel that drives storms. warmer atmosphere holds warmer water
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vapor. there's more likelihood is storm will pick up energy. >> the climate may be changing but can infrastructure change to handle it? >> the powerful winds of the thunderstorms last month and the blizzards took heavy tolls on power lines. . >> bge and pepco are living in the last century. that's the reason we've suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in economic damage in the last month because they haven't prepared for the new climate. sdmrsz we're going to -- >> we're going to see accelerating increases. >> that environment maryland study links global warming to human activity. next up this morning right here on wjz. >> good morning. i'm mike
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schuh live at police head quarters. a look at fred bealefeld's job as commissioner on his last day. >> new video shows the suspected kidnapper in the kooi ripken about juks -- in the vie ripken abduction case. >> what led to the officer shooting straight ahead. >> we're doing better with one accident but picked up another plus delays on the beltway. details straight ahead. >> off and on showers and thunderstorms for the next few days but knock that's going to wash out -- but nothing that's going to wash out your plans. >> he is won four olympic medals in four events. track and field star carl lewis joins us on coffee with from the olympic games in london. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition will continue,,,
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it's 6:30 as the sun comes
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up on the first day of august. where has the summer gone? sharon has traffic, it's tim williams in for marty bass. >> look ing at temperatures that don't feel too much like christmas. we have 73 going to a high of around 9 oh. -- 90. lingering shower s on the eastern shore. that's going to be the case for the next few days. some sun with a couple of thunderstorms. today 90. lows around 70. the temperature much like we have right not my. tomorrow 92 -- right now. tomorrow 92, hot and humid and a chance of afternoon storms. she's got a couple of accidents to talk about now. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. the news is the big one on 295 off now to the right shoulder. all main lanes
6:32 am
getting by. that's some good news. if you're headed out in the city, a new accident on nv avenue at wolfe street -- on north avenue at wolfe street. windchill watch for that. we have -- watch for that. the water main break on light street is closed. the sink hole repair work on east monument blocking all lanes. take orleans instead. speeds slowing down on the west side of the beltway, 50 miles an hour is your average. tlts -- there's a live look outside at 79 5. traffic building there but no official delays just yet. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. don, back over to you. at the top to have news, world history being made in london and it's felt back here. michael phelps has set the olympic medal record. here's
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kai jackson with local reaction to michael's london achievements. >> it's a pff of phelps fan frenzy. supporters gathered to watch the swimming star race. they cheered on michael phelps who made history becoming the most deck kated olympian -- decorated olympian ever. it had tuesday when he won a silver. they won gold in the men's 4 by 200 relay in london. >> i think it's great for america, the u.s., great for baltimore and great for the sport of swimming. >> he has an equal amount of olympic experience. in 2008 he won 8 gold medals. so far in london he's won three medals. he now has 19, more than any other olympian in history. .
6:34 am
>> baltimore fans realize his success comes from hard work and training he put in here at the pool at meadow brook in mount washington. >> the mental game is the biggest part of it. you have to have the will power to continue to push. >> he's doing a pretty good job. i like the swimming. >> mie chael phelps -- michael phelps medal count ellipses the previous record of 18. >> michael has three events left, two individual competitions and but relay race. a man is shot and killed after he attacks an officer. it started with a struggle between a man and pregnant woman. more on the conclusion to the chain of events. >> police say the man that attacked that officer had a knife near by but they're still investigating whether he threatened the officer with that knife. >> police flood this north baltimore neighborhood after one of their own calls for help.
6:35 am
>> ambulance still on the scene, several police cars. >> the officer responding to a 911 call about a violent fight at this home. inside he encountered a man and woman struggling. neighbors say that woman is pregnant. the man turned on the officer and attacked him, a knife near by. >> the officer summoned the other officer to assist him, that officer fired one round. >> the suspect killed. neighbors say they didn't recognize the gunshot. >> the kids said they were on the front porch and my son got scared because he's scared of fire works. they probably heard it. >> the couple lived here in this second unit at the wheldon town homes. >> i never knew him. i saw her but never him. . >> a decision that cast one man
6:36 am
his -- cost one man his life. >> the pregnant woman was not hurt. >> that was the 7th fatal police involved shooting in this city so far this year. this morning three boaters are hurt after a collision in ann arundel county. sky chopper 13 over marly creek. rescuers rushed to get the people out of the water. a 911 caller telling police their boat struck a buoy. two people were treated for injuries. a 37-year-old women is still in serious condition this morning. there's a few video but few new clues in the abduction of vi ripken. police have a longer and clearer view of him. this morning rochelle richie reports, multiple police agencies, including the fbi are now involved. >> this video leased to wjz with today -- released to wjz today showing the man responsible of the abduction of
6:37 am
vi ripken. >> we're asking people in ann arundel county, outside the aberdeen area to take a look at the video. >> the 35 second video shows the suspect. he makes a purchase and walks out. police released a sketch of the suspect. >> it was one week ago today that vi ripken was in her garj -- garj and approached be i the -- garage and approached by the suspect with a gun. her car was spotted around 8:15 that night. she was found around 6:00 by a neighborhood >> the suspect took her on a terrifying ride for 24 hours. >> the mayor calling the object abduction unusual and troubling. >> i can't recall anything like this. >> the suspect is still on the
6:38 am
loose. the city has received help from outside agencies. >> i think it's just going to be a matter of time. sdmrsz -- >> the ripken family has yet to comment publicly. they did release a statement saying they were grateful for vi's safe return. >> a $2,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest and conviction. 31 years of service come to an end. today police commissioner fred bealefeld will retire from the force. mike schuh is live outside police head quarters. >> reporter: good morning. over all praised as a good excision -- commissioner. there were some low points, the drug and towing scandals but over all a calm city. >> last night commissioner bealefeld takes his final community walk.
6:39 am
>> if we don't stand for giving you the ability to say you stink and are doing a horrible job, if you can't come to a place and say that i'm not a good police commissioner. >> today the commissioner hangs up his hat for good leaving behind a legacy that's included declines in crime and violence. baltimore's homicide rate has been on a steady decline, down 12% last year and registering fewer than 200 murders for the first time since 1978. he reflected. . >> i inherited a police department that was averaging 100,000 adult arrests. we're making half that number. that's not depending on the weather, signs of the sod zach. that's a conscious effort, a deliberate leadership change in what this
6:40 am
police department was doing before i took over. >> the mayor says bealefeld has been extremely effective and will be missed. as for the new commissioner, the currents one offers his -- the current one offers his thoughts. >> if you're going to pick a successor, finds somebody who feels like they're responsible for all of it. >> reporter: anthony barks dale is the acting economying -- acts -- acting commissioner. >> he said he wants to hike all or part of the trail. the oriels are coming off another win over the yankees in new york city. the birds got off to a real rough start. chris till man on the mound gave up 5 runs. they snapped out of that. chris davis hits a grand slam in the 2nd, the first of his career. the game ends in an
6:41 am
is 11-5 oriels victory. that's their second straight. if your curious the a's were beaten by the ray s. the battle this early for the wild card spot continues with more of our favor. >> let's hope we can keep the momentum. they always win up there and beat them up but when the yankees came down here they beat up the oriels. they beat each other up in their own hometowns. . >> sometime we do fantastic with the hardest teams and don't do well with the others. >> you're right. we'll see how it plays out. may have some showers up that way like we've had up aund down the coast. there's been some unsettled conditions. it extends from the carolinas into new york. they'll get the games in. don't be surprised if you hear a rain delay or something
6:42 am
in the forecast. tep -- temperatures around 9 oh today, a chance -- 90 today, a chance of thunderstorms. on coffee with, carl lewis joins us from the olympics in london. he looks great. >> the latest on traffic and more first warning weather for you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. greyhounds, they're rocking and rolling doing their thing. it's going to be a hot and humid day. you might be putting on sweat in the t-shirt like they were. a you -- a few showers out there right now towards ocean city from easton down towards crispville. we've seen some showers in that region through out the day. today we're going to have widely
6:46 am
scattered showers. the key is going to be our temperatures going up to 90, hot and humid conditions. we have 60s towards cumberland, 6 is out wards oakland, 68 westminster, 77 annapolis, everyone falling around that area there. we have calm winds around most of the state, at least across the top tier. a uniform shift to the south and southwest. that's going to come around high pressure that's trying to push in from the west. our instability and our showers and chance of thunderstorms is coming from a front that's trying to clear the area but can't get offshore. low pressure offshore holding things up. until it starts to move off, this system here is going to bring showers up and down the entire eastern sea board with us for the next few days. it
6:47 am
extends from new york down into the carolinas. eventually it will start to push an way. in the meantime, warm temperatures start to push into the region and our temperatures go well up above or average high 87. our temperatures are going up into the 90s for the forseaable feature. 6:26 our high tide. # 0 -- 90 today. 72 to want -- tonight. 92 tomorrow, hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms. that chance stays with us through next week. other -- over night lows around 70. straight to sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. >> a new accident. the latest one on the inner loop. it's reported in the area of 97 with
6:48 am
lane blockages. delays on the west side, 41 is your average on the utter loop. on 95 everything running pretty much at full speed. there's a live look at the west side of the bellway. you can see some -- beltway. you can see some break lights in the distance. we have -- let's see. there we go. 295 at the beltway on the inner loop, that accident is off to the shoulder. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. visit your toyota dealer today an see why now is the time to make the jump to toyota. back over to you, don and tim. our coffee with sponsor, the maryland science center is giving you a chance to come for a special visit. it's part of the summer of more irresponsible science. go to for a chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets and a one night stay at the sher ton. this morning's coffee with guest is carl lewis
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and the interview is furnished by devie university. welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. it's saying something when you're own name is your own introduction. you don't have the say greatest american olympian of all times, it's just carl lewis. how does that make you feel? >> well, it makes me feel like i've been around a long time. >> you're looking great, by the way. don't look like you've aged a day. >> i appreciate it. i'm fortunate the career i've had and the hinges i've been able to do -- things i've been able to do after that. >> we will talk about the olympics in a second. do you still run? >> well, i work out. i watch my diet. it's funny. when i was competing, the second half of my career, a lot of athletes went to vegas, i got a cook.
6:50 am
i still keep a lot of the lifestyle. i still work out in the gym, i have a gym if -- in my home, i ride bikes. i cross train and live this lifestyle. >> it works. let's talk olympics. how does it feel to be in london and look up and see the olympic rings? >> i love being at the olympics. i know what the athletes are going through. i know about the excitement in their lives and saying now i'm here. it's great. i'm a total fan now. i don't compare myself to what hey do. it's not -- to what they do. it's not about me. t about go usa and i hope we have the best olympics we ever had. >> is there a different feel to the game from city to city and how does london feel?
6:51 am
>> yeah, there is a different feel. the great thing about london is that it really feels a lot like being in the united states because it's close, everyone speaks english and you kind of feel like new york. i think it's going to be great for the olympians. the americans are as close at home. when you're at home it's a huge difference. when you go so far away that foreign language makes it difficult. i like london because it's an international city. >> you know, i was surprised when i looked at the actual weather. you know, london only gets 23 inches of rain a year. it is drier than seattle, it is drier than new york. when moisture comes in, it's that foggy mist. we're looking at the picture behind you and the pictures we're seeing on various other video sources and the weather looks great. i think people are going to be shocked at how nice the conditions are going to be.
6:52 am
>> yeah, that is interesting. when i arrived yesterday the weather was very clear and warm. it's going to become more typical. the thing is, you're right. it isn't a lot of rain, more misty. the bigger issue is going to be the temperature. if the temperature is cooler that's going to be a disadvantage for some of the sprinters. it's going to help the distance runners. i think people think it's going to rain and rain and rain a lot. you're right, it's more misty than rain. >> why is cool weather bad for sprinters? we only have a minute left. why is that bad? >> well, sprinters like the warm weather because it keeps them warm. the distance runners run so far they heat up a lot. you know, it's kind of interesting. when i competed years ago we started in my career and i said i'm going to go out and have a long career i hope and i'm going to prepare myself for retirement. the thing is that the distance runners have these long careers. when i competed, i was able to
6:53 am
get my education, i was able to work hard and everything. one of the things i wanted to say, it's really god -- good for the sprinters, they have a chance to go to a university during college. they can get their degree while in school. a lot of the distance runners had an advantage because they could run longer and now everyone has the same playing field. >> they stepped up in a big way to work with the olympic committee and the student athletes in this country. listen, it's great to see you still repping the red, white and blue. thanks for being you, man. i mean that sin veer ri. >> -- sincerely. >> thank you very much. go u usa. >> off the charts. >> i can't get over how fantastic he looks. >> here many baltimore we're
6:54 am
use -- here in baltimore we're used to michael phelps. my man over there, carl lewis -- >> nine of them gold. . >> how about that. >> taking a break and coming >> taking a break and coming ,, .ñ
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4 until 7:00. here come your updates. >> 92 today. hot, huld conditions -- humid conditions. now for a check of the roads we send it to sharon gibala. good morning. new delays on 95 southbound. average speed 4 is miles an hour. -- 4 is mills -- 4 1 miles an hour. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control.
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call 888-888-home. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and tra,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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